Tesco drops expansion plans to create 200 jobs

SHOPPERS and residents say they feel “let down” by a supermarket which failed  to follow through on expansion plans that promised 200 jobs.

Tesco, in Carlton Hill, owns the land on which the former Windsor Castle pub  now lies empty but says a change in customer habits has stalled its plans.


Local residents think the site has become an “eyesore” and want Tesco to  either follow through with its expansion or sells the site.

Thomas James, of Foxhill Road, thinks the retail giant has put its plans on  hold due to competition from new supermarkets.

“I don’t think they can leave it dilapidated like that just because of their  own commercial aims” he said. “It’s part of the public realm and has become  an eyesore.

“If they don’t want to build on it they could sell it or lease it. Five years  ago it was very popular with the public and it’s a real shame it has not been  maintained.”

Mr James, 48, said the neighbourhood was largely positive about the original  plans, which they felt would trigger a redevelopment of nearby Carlton  Square.

“The people of Carlton feel let down as they could have benefited from a  wider store and there was the offer of jobs but they never materialised,” said  Mr James.

MP Vernon Coaker, MP for Gedling, has written to Tesco’s chief executive, Dave  Lewis, to ask what is being done.

“There were all sorts of promises for hundreds of jobs and the site was going  to be improved,” said Mr Coaker.

“I am disappointed that Tesco have made this decision.”

Tesco’s planning permission to expand as planned has since lapsed, meaning it  would have to re-apply to make the changes it promoted more than five years  ago.

Spokesman Mark Thomas said the store will update residents when it makes a  decision on the future of the pub  site.

“Customer shopping habits have changed dramatically over recent years,” he  said. “With more people choosing to shop online and in convenience stores. In  light of this we have reviewed our plans for an extension to Carlton Hill store  and taken the difficult decision not to proceed.

“We understand people will be disappointed by this decision. Customers can still  shop in our existing store, which continues to provide the great service that  it  has in the town for the past twenty five years.”

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