Aircraft carriers - Britain deserves better than this shambolic approach to our nation's defence

Vernon Coaker MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary, responding to reports that the cost of building two new aircraft carriers has risen to £6.2 billion, said:


“This is the latest in a series of financial fiascos in the MoD under David Cameron.


“The Government needs to come clean about the cost of the aircraft carrier programme and explain what has caused an increase that leaves the total projected cost at £6.2bn, almost double what was originally envisaged.


“Last year, the Government wasted £100m by changing its mind about the type of fighter planes it was ordering for the aircraft carrier and reverting to Labour’s plans which it said were more cost effective.


“The Defence Secretary’s claim that he has balanced the MoD books looks increasingly nonsensical.


“Britain deserves better than this shambolic approach to our nation’s defence"