Anthony Nolan Summer Reception

I was delighted to attend the APPG on Stem Cell Transplantation. The APPG is committed to realising awareness of stem cell transplantation in Parliament and beyond. They work closely alongside Anthony Nolan - who provide patients with matching donors from their stem cell donor register supporting patients and their families throughout their transplant journey.




This potential life-saving treatment offers patients with blood cancers and blood disorders a second chance at life, but:

- 1 in 8 people fail to find the donor that they need - these odds drop dramatically for patients from a BAME background - so the stem cell register needs to be kept diverse

In Gedling, there are 956 incredible individuals who are potential life savers on the stem cell register. But we need more donors. Young donors provide better outcomes for patients and are less likely to have health problems which might prevent donation.

If you know any 16-30 year old's or are a young person yourself please do considering signing-up to the stem cell donor register.…/dona…/apply-join-our-register