UK Parliament Week

This week is Parliament Week - an annual festival that aims to engage people from across the UK with Parliament, exploring what it means to them and hopefully empowering more people to get involved in politics. Our democracy starts with you. Your voice matters. There are lots of ways you can get involved. For example, you can sign or start a petition today. There are lots of other ideas here --> Check out what events are happening near Gedling for #UKPW17 here -->

Make all homes safe from fire letter

I've just signed Labour's letter, urging Theresa May to fit high-rise homes with sprinklers to #MakeHomesSafe. You can sign here.

Prostate Cancer Awarness

Prostate cancer is already the number one cancer in men, in the UK, it is set to be the most common cancer of all by 2030. I am showing my support for the work of Prostate Cancer UK and I will do all I can to raise awareness of this awful disease.

Lest We Forget

Today we must all take time to remember and pay our respects. I was named after my uncle Sergeant Vernon Coaker, he was a brave young man who fought with 3 Commando from the Devonshire Regiment. He was sadly killed in action on the 6th June 1944. We must never forget the brave sacrifices others have made for our today. #lestweforget

Nottinghamshire Police have lost £54 million in 5 years - I ask why?

Yesterday at PMQ's Theresa May made the ludicrous claim that police budgets have been protected. She made this claim just a day after, the Home Affairs Select committee on was told forces in England and Wales will lose 6,000 officers by 2020 owing to budget cuts - the Tories are totally shameless. Today, I asked the Leader of the House, if police funding is protected as they claim, why Nottinghamshire Police have lost £54 million over the past 5 years? Watch my question here: 

Armistice Day in Arnold Town Centre

Paying my respects on Armistice Day in Arnold Town Centre. I was hugely humbled to see everyone stopping and paying their respects too. We Will Remember Them.  

Gender Pay Gap

Today I made the pledge to do all I can to end the Gender Pay Gap. Nationally it is 14.1% and here in Gedling the gap is an astonishing 17.70%. This is not good enough. Equal work should mean equal pay #PayGapPledge #EqualPayDay

Daybrook Foodbank Visit

Today I visited the Foodbank in Daybrook, Arnold. Amazing work done by Helen Lloyd and the volunteers.

Rememberance Day with Carlton Central Junior School

I was at Carlton Central Junior School this morning, as we paid our respects and honoured the heroic efforts and sacrifices of our armed forces. We all wore the red poppy and alongside it, the Bleuet de France which is France's symbol of remembrance. We will remember them.

FBU - Love your firefighters

It was an honour to have the opportunity to meet some of the professional firefighters who do such invaluable, challenging work at the FBU Love Your Firefighters event last night. The maintenance of a world class, professional fire and rescue service is something I strongly support. All members of Parliament should support our fire and rescue services, in the interests of both public and firefighter safety. Two films were shown at the event. ‘Operator’ ( won the Bafta short film award last year (2016) for its depiction of a control room operator taking an emergency fire call. ‘The Firefighters’ Dilemma’ ( was made this year to convey the stress fire crews are under when they turn out to a fire if they have to wait for a second fire engine before entering the premises due to service cuts. If you are interested I'd encourage you to have a watch.