Tories are Destroying the NHS

The Tories are destroying the #NHS. Huge cuts have left staff overworked, undervalued, and as a result at danger of putting patients at risk. At PMQ’s Theresa May stood up and said that she believes the Tories have poured record funding into the health service, and that this is a record to be proud of. Continue reading

Vernon to stand for General Election in Gedling!

  I am proud to announce that I will be standing again in Gedling on 8th June as your local candidate. It has been a huge honour to represent Gedling as a Labour MP over the last twenty years. I will be standing on my record locally as a community-focused MP who has worked hard in every part of Gedling. Continue reading

Local Labour Campaigning

  Fantastic efforts from all over Gedling this weekend in the run up to the county council elections. The campaigning throughout the weekend was full of energy, highlighting important issues like the social care crisis, the grammar school plan and new carer allowance money. The Tories have proposed that nearly a million pounds out of the social care budget for next year, they are on an ideologically driven grammar school mission that will see our schools suffer.  Continue reading

Parkinson's Awareness Week

  This week is Parkinson’s Awareness Week, an opportunity for us to #UniteForParkinsons and to promote a greater understanding of the condition, and find out how best to support research into how we can provide greater care to those affected.    Continue reading

Sainsbury's project in Colwick confirmed

     I am delighted to hear that the plans to build a Sainsbury's on the Colwick Industrial Estate have finally been approved, after continuous efforts from Gedling County Council.  Continue reading

Tories taking away specialised vehicles from the disabled

  Is there no end to the cruel Tory cuts that affect the most vulnerable on our society? One of their latest cuts sees tens of thousands of disabled people in the UK having their specialised cars and scoters taken away from them, at a rate of around 900 a week. Not only are people losing their independence to get around, but the PIP retraction is seeing thousands losing their jobs as a consequence. Continue reading

Breathe Easy Gedling Launch

  I had a wonderful time yesterday, Tuesday 11th April, at The British Lung Foundation’s latest launch of Breathe Easy, which is a fantastic platform of information and support for people with lung disease and respiratory problems. 1 in 5 people in the UK are affected by lung disease, and the BLF are the only UK charity working to support those affected. Continue reading

Focusing on grammar schools will not improve social mobility

    The Tories love to drive forward a campaign that us backed by little evidence (just think back to that £350 million pounds a week for the NHS Brexit bus, or Theresa May’s recent ‘no-deal is better than a bad deal’ statement.) The government’s push towards the development of grammar schools is no different.  Continue reading

Weekend Campaigning in Gedling

Local elections are just around the corner, and I had another great weekend back in Gedling helping constituents and campaigning hard for Labour.  Continue reading

Tory Mp's are ignoring Brexit Committee

  Tory MP’s are refusing to accept findings by the cross-party select committee on #Brexit. Pro-Brexit Tories are blinded by their goal of proving that know what they are doing when it comes to deal negotiations. The main finding of the committee was that #TheresaMay’s claim that no deal was better than a bad deal, was not supported by any evidence.  Continue reading