Consultation extension for the Anaerobic Digestion Plant

TAMAR Energy have submitted a planning application to Nottinghamshire County Council Planning for an Anaerobic Digestion Plant  next to the new Country Park. Continue reading

Tesco drops expansion plans to create 200 jobs

SHOPPERS and residents say they feel “let down” by a supermarket which failed  to follow through on expansion plans that promised 200 jobs. Tesco, in Carlton Hill, owns the land on which the former Windsor Castle pub  now lies empty but says a change in customer habits has stalled its plans.   Continue reading

Nottingham Post: MP joins objectors against Gedling food waste recycling centre

GEDLING MP Vernon Coaker has joined the list of objectors to a proposed new anaerobic  digester. Tamar Energy want to  build the food waste recycling plant next to the Gedling Country Park, which is  set to open in spring.   Continue reading

Nottingham Post: MP impresseed by progress of relocated pupils

GEDLING MP Vernon Coaker said he was impressed to see progress being made by  students who have moved from a soon-to-close school. Continue reading

Anti- Slavery Day

  Saturday 18th October was International Anti-Slavery Day Continue reading

Senior Citizen's lunch in Netherfield

Vernon joined the Senior Citizen's lunch in Netherfield.     Continue reading