Carlton and Gedling Play Day

  It was great to see such wonderful community spirit at the Carlton and Gedling Play Day yesterday afternoon. There was a great turnout, and the range of activities was fantastic - including face-painting, drumming, rock-climbing, arts and crafts and more. Continue reading

New Memory Cafe in Netherfield

    Today I visited the opening of a brand new Memory Café in Netherfield. The project is a wonderful opportunity for both people with Dementia and their carers to meet over a tea and cake. The sessions are being run with support from Gedling Homes, but are open to all people and not just residents. Continue reading

New Kitchen at Foxhill Court

    It was fantastic to be at the new kitchen opening at Foxhill Court this morning. The funds for the project have been raised by residents themselves, with contributions from local councillors, and support from the local Tesco. Continue reading

NCS Social Action Project

  This afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting a group of young people who have been working on a social action project to raise money for a homeless charity. This evening, the group will be taking the final step in their project, by embarking on a sponsored sleep out, where they will sleep outside for the entire evening, armed with nothing but their own cardboard box. Continue reading

Thank you Rolleston Drive Emergency Services

  I would like to send my thanks to the emergency services who attended the Rolleston Drive fire on the evening of Wednesday 16 August. In particular I would like to pay tribute to our firefighters for their professionalism and bravery in tackling the blaze. Continue reading

We need tougher animal cruelty offences

It is horrifying to hear that 92% of people that are found guilty of animal cruelty avoid prison. The humane treatment of all animals should be a benchmark for any civilised society and it is important that we send out a powerful message that animal cruelty must stop. Continue reading

Has the new Free Childcare Scheme been thought out?

  The fact that 30 hours of free childcare is to be introduced for three and four-year-olds in September is fantastic news for both children and parents. This being said, I do have concerns that the plan has not been thoroughly thought out by the Government, and will leave child care facilities cash-strapped. Continue reading

Fantastic NHS account from Dr Rosena Allin-Khan

   Extremely moving to hear from my colleague Dr Rosena Allin-Khan and her time returning to work a shift in A&E.It is clear to see the different priorities of Labour and the Conservatives, with people like Rosena utilising her medical experience to highlight issues for our doctors and nurses, and the Tories cheering when they passed the motion to keep the cap on the public sector pay caps. Continue reading

200 Years for Accessible Trains

   It is an outrage that it will take more than two centuries for all of our train stations to be made accessible.Less than 20% of our stations have step-free access and the number of fully accessible stations has increased by a mere 2% over the last four years - meaning it would take until 2218 for all stations to be brought up to the same standard. Continue reading

We must not forget about Social Care

   After Theresa May’s U-turn on her ‘Dementia Tax’ during the election, all over the country people were talking about the importance of social care. Continue reading