'Dying to Work' TUC Campaign

    On Monday 20th March I attended a Parliamentary cross-party reception to support the TUC’s ‘Dying to Work’ campaign. Dying to Work was set up following the case of Jacci Woodcook, a 58-year- old sales manager from Derbyshire, who was forced out of her job after being diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. I completely agree with the TUC Deputy General Secretary Paul Nowak when he said serious illness is tough enough without having to put up with extra hassle at work.  Not only does this lack of protection result in economic insecurity, but also experience discrimination and loss of dignity.  Continue reading

Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness

          A new study released by the Jo Cox Commission on loneliness has revealed that 3/4 of older people in the UK are lonely. Loneliness as a health problem as well as a social one. A lack of social connections is a risk factor for early death, which can be compared to smoking 15 cigarettes a day and is worse for the elderly than obesity and physical inactivity.     In the Borough of Gedling there are clear areas where people are at high risk of loneliness which you can find here  This month the Jo Cox Commission is turning the spotlight on loneliness along with Age UK, Alzheimer's Society, British Red Cross, Co-op Food, Refugee Action, Independent Age, The Silver Line and many others.   Continue reading

A Weekend of Local Campaigning

    I had a fantastic weekend back in the constituency, and had the opportunity to visit a range of projects and events. It was an action-packed weekend full of community projects, educational trips, school visits and local labour campaigning Continue reading

Budget U-Turn

  First a break in a manifesto pledge, and now a budget retraction, it’s all getting a bit chaotic for the #Tories. Exactly a week after the budget announcement, Phillip Hammond has announced that "In light of what has emerged as a clear view among colleagues and a significant section of the public, (he has) decided not to proceed with the Class 4 NIC measures set out in the Budget.” Continue reading

How Will The Education Budget Affect Gedling?

This education budget represents failed policy of the past. I spoke yesterday in the house about the threats that these proposed budgets will have to social mobility within our children. Despite considerable opposition from their own backbenches, the Tory government is pushing through this budget for their own ideological interests, not for the children of Gedling, Nottinghamshire or the UK. Continue reading

Local Campaigning

I didn’t become an MP to spend all of my time at Westminster. Whilst my time in the house allows me to push forward bills to provoke change, I believe it is equally as important to be getting out In Gedling, and stuck into as much local campaigning as possible. Continue reading

Gedling Access Road set to get the go-ahead next week!

 Fantastic news that Nottinghamshire Council County’s major plans for the new £40m Gedling Access Road (GAR) are set to move to the next stage. The legal process to acquire essential land to build the road is set to get approval on the 16th March. Continue reading

My Thoughts on the Spring Budget

    Today (March 8th, 2017), Phillip Hammond  released his Spring Budget. I decided to outline my thoughts on what he said. I am concerned with issues regarding social care, chronic low pay, NHS funding, deficit and education to name a few. Continue reading

International Women's Day 2017

    Today marks International Women's Day, an opportunity to celebrate all of the fantastic and courageous achievements of women around the world, and recognise the length we still need to go in terms of equal rights.  Continue reading

Visit to Rosehill School

Last week I had the honour of being invited to visit Rosehill School. Rosehill provides day education for children and young people with autistic spectrum disorders whose learning challenges are best served in a special school setting. Continue reading