Local Campaigning

I didn’t become an MP to spend all of my time at Westminster. Whilst my time in the house allows me to push forward bills to provoke change, I believe it is equally as important to be getting out In Gedling, and stuck into as much local campaigning as possible. Continue reading

Gedling Access Road set to get the go-ahead next week!

 Fantastic news that Nottinghamshire Council County’s major plans for the new £40m Gedling Access Road (GAR) are set to move to the next stage. The legal process to acquire essential land to build the road is set to get approval on the 16th March. Continue reading

My Thoughts on the Spring Budget

    Today (March 8th, 2017), Phillip Hammond  released his Spring Budget. I decided to outline my thoughts on what he said. I am concerned with issues regarding social care, chronic low pay, NHS funding, deficit and education to name a few. Continue reading

International Women's Day 2017

    Today marks International Women's Day, an opportunity to celebrate all of the fantastic and courageous achievements of women around the world, and recognise the length we still need to go in terms of equal rights.  Continue reading

Visit to Rosehill School

Last week I had the honour of being invited to visit Rosehill School. Rosehill provides day education for children and young people with autistic spectrum disorders whose learning challenges are best served in a special school setting. Continue reading

General Debate on The Armed Forces Covenant

I was honoured to attend the General Debate on the Armed Forces Covenant on February 2nd. As both the former Defence Secretary, and someone with family ties to the Armed Forces, this is a topic that is of particular importance to me. Continue reading

#ThisGirlCan Campaign

I had the opportunity to attend the launch of the new This Girl Can campaign, and to meet some of the key figures behind the campaign, influential figures in women's sport, and even get the opportunity to do a bit of sparring with fellow Labour MP  Bridget Phillipson!   Continue reading

Holocaust Memorial Day 2017

  Today is Holocaust Memorial Day, a date chosen for 27 January marks the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest Nazi death camp. Continue reading

My thoughts on the Gender Pay Gap

As a man, securing equal pay has been a mission of mine since becoming an MP in 1997. It is shocking to me that pay inequality – being paid less as a woman for doing work which is of equal value and demands equal skill – is still a factor for women across the UK. In the East-Midlands the gender pay gap for full time work is 12%, higher than the UK average of 9.4%. Continue reading

Supreme Court Ruling on Article 50

As you will have seen Theresa May has lost her case in the Supreme Court. The Judges decided by a majority of 8 to three that the government cannot trigger Article 50 without an Act of Parliament. I believe it is the right thing that Parliament should have the ultimate say on when to trigger Article 50, therefore I am pleased with the Supreme Court's ruling. Continue reading