Defence Committee NATO report

Vernon Coaker MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary, responding to the release of the Defence Committee’s report, Towards the next Defence and Security Review: Part Two—NATO, said:


“This report underlines Labour’s call for the next Strategic Defence and Security Review to be both genuinely strategically driven and financially viable.


“As the Committee makes clear, the Government must demonstrate UK leadership on the international stage at the upcoming Wales summit. Recalibrating NATO as a military and political alliance to deter future threats must be a priority for this Government, who have failed under David Cameron to think strategically about future UK Defence capabilities.


“The report reiterates the importance of NATO as the cornerstone of the UK’s defence policy and as the sole organisation for collective defence. As part of this, Labour welcomes the announcement made earlier this week that the UK will send a battle group to participate in Exercise Black Eagle in October as part of a NATO package to reassure our allies in Eastern Europe.”