EU Referendum: Vernon strongly supports an "In" vote

Following last week's news that the EU Referendum will take place on 23rd June 2016, Vernon would like to officially announce that he is strongly supporting an "In" vote for the UK to remain a member of the European Union. He firmly believes that staying in the EU is in the United Kingdom’s best interests.

Vernon recognises that the EU is the world's largest consumer market and that the average UK family saves around £450 a year thanks to our membership. We also gain untold advantages in negotiating with non-EU trading partners as part of the EU's 28 member trading bloc. Furthermore, in this new international era, the problems we face are often global in nature - the EU will be a vital part of how we meet challenges such as climate change, cyber-crime and terrorism into the future.

Vernon maintains that if the UK left the EU, we would still have to follow its rules when doing business but without having a say in making those rules. This would fundamentally weaken our position in international affairs by taking us away from the discussion table. Whilst recognising that the EU could benefit from reform, Vernon is eager to ensure that Britain is involved in discussions for change from within the Union. He is also concerned that the ‘Vote Leave’ campaign have no coherent strategy in the event of an ‘Out’ vote and would leave the UK vulnerable and worse off both financially and politically.

Vernon is committed to keeping the UK in the EU as he believes it is the best framework for European trade and co-operation in the 21st century. The EU has delivered investment and jobs to the UK whilst also securing important protections for workers, consumers and the environment. Vernon is in no doubt that remaining a part of the EU is in the UK’s best interests and he will be campaigning to this effect in advance of the referendum.