General Election 2017

On April 18th, Theresa May called for a snap-election to be held on June 8th. I am been proud to represent this constituency for 20 years and was ready for the fight the next few months would bring. 

The end result was fantastic, ending in 4,694 votes, we managed to see a huge increase in our majority. None of this could have been possible without the tireless work of all you volunteers. 

We were out every day talking to people all across the constituency in order to rally support and listen to any concerns that you may have had. I want to thank everyone who has volunteered their time to come canvassing with us during the election campaign, it really did make a huge difference in making sure we could talk to as many people as possible!

I am excited to continue representing this constituency and work to create a fairer Britain.


June 7th - The Final Push


Just one of the teams out this morning (in Porchester) for the final push. A number of people I have had joining me to canvass, deliver leaflets and help with this campaign have been staggering. Thank you for everything you have done.




June 5th - Teams out all over Gedling!

June_5th.jpgToo many teams to count! It's been a great few days out door knocking, with teams around Colwick, Carlton, Daybrook, Redhill, Cavendish and Ernehale!






June 3rd - Out with Harriet Harman


We had a fantastic morning with Harriet Harman in Arnold as Team Vernon prepared for the final push to polling day. Loads of teams were also out door-knocking, with good responses on the doors.





June 2nd - Redhill


Brilliant Morning teams in Redhill out spreading the message!





June 1st - Burton Road + Jon Ashworth and Paddy Tipping


A week to go! Team Vernon enjoying a sunny afternoon on Burton Road.




Thank you, Jon Ashworth and Paddy Tipping for joining us for the early morning start in Bestwood!




May 31st - Carlton and Woodthorpe


Great responses on the doors in Carlton and Woodthorpe in the morning, teams went out to Netherfield in the afternoon




May 29th - Mapperley and Phoenix 


Just one of the teams out and about in Mapperley and Phoenix, trying to speak to as many people as possible!





 May 29th - Out with Yvette Cooper!



Brilliant social with Yvette this afternoon - meeting the hard-working Vote Vern campaign team. Great to have her with us to celebrate another successful day out on the doorstep with overwhelming support for Labour in Gedling.





May 27th - Across Gedling



Amazing effort and support across Gedling today. Local people like Fran supporting us at our town centre stalls, boards put up and huge leafleting and canvassing teams.



May 22 - Honeywood Gardens



Great session today with lots of teams out enjoying the sunshine. This is a picture of one of our teams at Honeywood Gardens, getting great responses on the doors.





May 20 - Super Saturday with Ed Miliband



What a day! We had the biggest team yet out with us today with Ed Miliband. We spoke to thousands of people, and delivered thousands of leaflets! Great job to everyone involved!




May 19 - Burton Joyce and Vernon Ave.





Great session today around Burton Joyce. In the afternoon I made sure I was on the team to campaign on Vernon Avenue for obvious reasons!





May 17 - Carlton



 More rainy smiles! Another amazing team and fantastic session.







 May 16 - Arnold


A little bit of rain was never going to stop Team Vernon! Had a great session with the yesterday gaining lots of support from Arnold.



May 15 - Daybrook




Raincoats were at the ready today in Daybrook! Great teams out today, showing that a little bit of rainy weather won't dampen the spirit of Team Vernon!





May 14 - Leaflets, posters and garden stakes!



 Teams were out today delivering posters, leaflets and garden stakes to all those who have asked for one. We are looking to get as many out as possible, so if you would like anything, please send a message to with your address and we will make sure to get all the goods over to you!





May 13 - Super Saturday!



Had a great start to the Gedling Super Saturday in Arnold this morning. Here's our stall outside the Methodist church featuring Harvey, the Labour dog.

This afternoon was spent canvassing in Redhill, Carlton, Gedling and around Arnold Town Centre. We had a huge, fantastic team today, which meant more great responses on the doors, good discussions and met some brilliant people.




May 12 - Colwick



 We managed to speak to so many people today in Colwick, and as you can see from the Team Vernon smiles, the response has been overwhelmingly positive!



May 10 - Mapperley



 Whilst the Prime Minister was busy speaking to her handpicked audience today - I was out on the doors speaking to local people in Mapperley. We had loads of positive responses & enjoyed being out in the glorious sunshine!




May 7 - Mapperley Top



 I was joined by a great team to door knock around Mapperley Top on this sunny Saturday morning! It was great to chat with so many of you. We are achieving such a positive response on the doorsteps to me as the local candidate, which is great to hear!




May 6 - Netherfield



Off to a great start! After a great launch of my general election campaign, I was joined by a great group of volunteers in Netherfield, including Councillor Nicki Brooks, who was only elected yesterday!