Government Must Explain Why the Cuts To The Regular Army are Happening

Vernon Coaker MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary, responding to reports that a leaked MoD memo claims the Army is currently recruiting barely half the number of new reservists needed to off-set cuts to the full-time Army, said:


"Labour is proud of the vital contribution the Reserves make to our nation’s security and that’s why we support them playing an enhanced and more heavily integrated role.

"But there are serious concerns that the Government has fallen so far short of its own recruitment targets and that Ministers are gambling with the future of the UK’s armed forces.

"The Government must explain why the cuts in the regular Army are happening without an adequate uplift in the Reserves being secured.

"That’s why Labour is supporting the motion before the House today, calling on the government to consider its position on reforms to Army structure and numbers.

"It’s clear that Philip Hammond needs to demonstrate that the Reserves can be built up to the required level and reassure the public and our Armed Forces that we are not putting security at risk."