Human Trafficking Foundation Launch

Last Thursday I attended the launch of a new report, Nobody Deserves To Live This Way, by my colleague Fiona Mactaggart and Baroness Butler-Sloss.





Vulnerable lone refugee children in Europe have been left in danger and at risk of trafficking by the British Government. 
Ministers have done little to help unaccompanied children many of whom have fled war and conflict in their home nations. The situation in Calais and Dunkirk is appalling. I firmly believe that if the British public is made aware of the facts, there would be an outcry. Many children are now living in intolerable conditions and face daily risks after the break-up of the 'Jungle' camp in France. 

This government reneged on the Dubs Amendment, which promised thousands of children a safe haven in the UK. Thus far only 200 children have currently been granted asylum in the UK. There is no sign from the Government that they plan to allow space for more children. In failing to stick to their original commitment to the Dubs Amendment they have failed these children. 

By failing to offer safe passage to lone child refugees, this government are, as the report states, potentially fueling both people trafficking and smuggling. More must be done cross-party to aid the plight of these children. I will not let them be forgotten.