Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness







A new study released by the Jo Cox Commission on loneliness has revealed that 3/4 of older people in the UK are lonely. Loneliness as a health problem as well as a social one. A lack of social connections is a risk factor for early death, which can be compared to smoking 15 cigarettes a day and is worse for the elderly than obesity and physical inactivity.    

In the Borough of Gedling there are clear areas where people are at high risk of loneliness which you can find here 

This month the Jo Cox Commission is turning the spotlight on loneliness along with Age UKAlzheimer's SocietyBritish Red CrossCo-op FoodRefugee ActionIndependent Age, The Silver Line and many others.


There is a real stigma around loneliness, and as a result admitting you are lonely is a really hard thing to do. Let's all play a part in breaking down this stigma. Everyone can be active in ending loneliness among older people in their communities by simply starting a conversation with those around you.

This is a problem that often affects older generations, and with the population of older people over 65 expected to increase by 50 per cent over the next 20 years, and 50% of people over 80 already self-reporting as lonely, the time to act is now.

This month show that you are 'Happy to Chat'. Pop into see a neighbour, chat to someone in the supermarket or call someone you've lost touch with. It really can make a huge amount of difference.

Jo believed in a fairer and kinder world, and I want to make Gedling a place where there is no risk of loneliness. To do this, we must all work together and play our part.