Tory welfare cuts



 There are a number of Tory welfare cuts that are planned to be set in motion this week, that will leave the poorest and most vulnerable of our communities suffering. According to the Resolution Foundation Think Tank, 80% of tax giveaways in the next year will go to the better-off half of households.The poorest third, meanwhile, will shoulder 67% of the benefit cuts.

These cuts include child support, bereavement benefits, disability allowances, young people trying to access the housing market and more.

500,000 disabled people will be affected by the ESA allowance, that is being changed so that disabled people who are deemed fit to work will only receive a standard jobseekers allowance. We as Labour have been backed by a number of charities to express that ESA claimants need more support than jobseekers who do not have a disability.

Young people aged 18-21 who are jobseekers will now be unable to claim housing benefit. The government has expressed that this is to stop people ‘falling into a lifetime of benefits’, but in reality will spark an increase in homelessness, a problem vastly more complex and expensive to solve.

I have spoken about the two-child and bereavement tax in my previous post which you can find here

The Conservatives have said before that they will stop slashing welfare for the most vulnerable in our society, yet they continue to do so without shame.