NHS Staffing Crisis



The NHS is under unprecedented financial pressure and is struggling to cope with filling staff vacancies. This is leading to excessive sums being spent on agency staff. More than 86,000 posts were vacant between January 2017 and March 2017.

The NHS is not solely important as our health service but is also the fifth biggest employer in the UK. The Conservatives need to return our health service to expert public control and work to stop the crisis they have created and pay NHS staff the wages they deserve.

The answer is not more privatisation, and I believe the Government’s current plan to sell over 70% of NHS Professionals to a private company is not going to work. If the Tories treated NHS staff with the respect they deserved, there might not be such a need to rely on agency staff in the first place.

I recently signed EDM 152, recognises the value and effectiveness of the NHS. I will continue to follow this process closely and press the Government to put patients before profit.