Police and Prison Officer pay cap lift is offensive


The announcement by the Government, that they are removing the pay-cap for police and prison officers, must be exposed as the sham it really is. Theresa May announced police officers would get a 1% increase, plus a 1% bonus, with prison officers getting a 1.7% rise - both funded from existing budgets.

I am not surprised that unions for prison and police officers have turned the pathetic sum down. The lifting of the cap is a step in the right direction, but will still equate in a real-term pay cut, as inflation was increased to 2.9% in August. There are 20,000 police officers and 7,000 fewer prison officers since 2010. Until public sector pay is increased to match inflation, this number will continue to drop. It also shows the complete lack of respect for all of our public sector workers across the board, especially our NHS staff. Picking and choosing between public sector workers will undoubtedly create a divide.

Since this decision to partially lift the cap was not in any manifesto or budget, it seems as though the Government is making things up as they go along. This dangerous behaviour must be halted, and real long-term help must be given to our public sector workers who are the backbone of Britain.