Right that the UK plays a part in urgent global response to Ebola- Douglas Alexander and Vernon Coaker

Douglas Alexander MP, Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary, said:

“The Ebola virus is a clear threat to public health around the world, and it requires an urgent global response. The international community must come together in agreeing a coordinated and robust response that meets the scale of the threat that Ebola poses, and it is right that the UK plays a part in this effort.

“The people of Sierra Leone are on the frontline of this epidemic, and it is right that the UK has announced a further contribution towards the urgent international efforts to tackle the spread of the virus there. The UK’s commitment to help build a treatment unit for healthcare workers, as well as further hospital facilities, will help the authorities in Sierra Leone respond to the outbreak.”

Vernon Coaker MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary, added:

“Britain’s Armed Forces have a proud record of supporting humanitarian missions across the world. We take our international obligations seriously and it is right that we now act to help deal with the deadly Ebola outbreak in Western Africa.

“Labour fully supports the decision to send 750 troops, the medical ship RFA Argus and three Merlin helicopters to Sierra Leone. They will perform vital tasks to help the government and the people of that country.

“I send my best wishes to our Armed Forces and UK civilians supporting their mission.”