School Capital Funding to leave schools underfunded



As a former teacher, the #education of our children is of upmost importance to me as an MP. The Department of Education made an announcement today regarding the school capital funding. AngelaRayner has pointed out that this Tory recycling of old money, and I agree with her. The £2.4bn that they are planing to spend on education as a whole, comes from the £23.2bn that was allocated in 2015 by George Osbourne.

None of the education investment is new money, just numbers being bounced from Tory government to Tory government with no success in solving the very real problems with our schools.
The National Audit Office has announced that it will cost £6.7bn just to bring all our existing schools to satisfactory condition. The announcement from the Department for Education today shows that there is only £1.4bn allocated for this.
The fact that the government cannot even achieve ‘satisfactory’ schools is an outrage, We shouldn't even be aiming for such a low bar, we should be aiming for great and excellent schools.They must stop of their ideologically driven plan to build selective schools, and instead focus on the more serious matter at hand.