The Benefits Uprating Bill

Vernon voted against the Tory and Liberal Democrat plans to limit rises in benefits to one percent. It affects many who are vulnerable and disabled and also many people who are in work.

The government are saying that it is unfair that benefits should go up by more than wages when striving families are facing a squeeze on their living standards. However, The Resolution Foundation calculates that 68%of households who will be affected by the governments measures are in work.

 The Labour Party has called for a One Nation approach to welfare reform that is tough, fair and that works. We want a compulsory Jobs Guarantee for long-term unemployed adults.

 There are currently 129,400 adults over the age of 25 who have been out of work for 24 months or longer. This is a huge rise of 88% since the same month last year.

 With the Jobs Guarantee, government would ensure there is a job for every adult who is long-term unemployed. People who are out of work would be obliged to take the jobs or would face losing benefits.

 The jobs would be at minimum wage and would last for a six month period. The jobs would be part time so that the person can look for a permanent job at the end of the temporary opportunity. Over a course of one year the scheme would help 263,000 people.

This One Nation approach to welfare reform is in contrast to the current governments approach which has demonstrated that they are more interested in exploiting the challenges that this country faces rather than trying to solve them.