The Tories are getting the jobless to work for free


The Tories are getting the jobless to work for free in a DWP scheme. The programme, which sees job-seekers stacking shelves all day in Poundland for no pay, is nothing short of exploitation.

This is not a short scheme to help build up a few skills, with participants claiming they are being made to work 30 hour weeks with no compensation. If the Government is serious about helping young people enter employment, they should focus on developing schemes to help with real working skills. Work experience can be a fantastic thing when executed correctly, this recent deal, unfortunately, does not have the participants interest at heart.

This is sadly another example of the Tories working with big business and allowing the most vulnerable to suffer as a consequence. With many of the participants claiming they had no say in whether to complete the scheme or not, the issue begins to appear similar to modern-day slavery. This is completely unacceptable, and the Government must be held accountable.