The Tories have backed out of their electric train promise



The Tories have reneged on their promise to electrify the Midlands mainline. This announcement was sneaked out today on the final day of Parliament before the summer recess. After years of broken promises, they have decided to scrap it completely.

This decision betrays a promise to the people of the Midlands. Here's my speech in the House condemning the decision and my demand that the Transport Secretary comes to Parliament and explains why they have broken their word time and time again.

It's clear to see that the Tories do not act in the interests of the whole UK.They have put their own survival, finding £1bn for a deal with the DUP, ahead of everything else. We've been denied investment here in the East Midlands - and we deserve answers!…/4b1a2c2e-80a8-452f-a1a6-9e36a384…