Tories are Destroying the NHS


The Tories are destroying the #NHS. Huge cuts have left staff overworked, undervalued, and as a result at danger of putting patients at risk. At PMQ’s Theresa May stood up and said that she believes the Tories have poured record funding into the health service, and that this is a record to be proud of.

Looking at the numbers I see nothing for her to be even be remotely proud of,


  • The A&E crisis is 900% worse than 2010 say NHS Digital
  • 40% of NHS walk-in-centres have been axed says Monitor
  • 1/6 of all A&E’s have been closed say Monitor
  • 15,000 NHS Beds shut cutting capacity 5.5m say NHS
  • NHS spend per patient doen 9.1% say IFS
  • £48bn of NHS cash to private health, say DoH
  • £5bn social care has been cut say NAO
  • £22bn more “efficiencies” NHS cuts says NAO
  • £2.1bn wasted on Agency Staff says DOH
  • Nurse Vacancy rate up 200% say HoC Library
  • GP Vacancy Rate up 500% says HoC Library
  • NHS waiting list is at 8 year high (3.9m) say NHS Digital
  • NHS resources to private patients up 30% say DoH
  • 5,309 Mental Health nurses cut say NHS Digital
  • Urgent operations cancelled is up 37% says NHS Digital
  • Nurses Pay cut £2,300 in real terms say NHS Digital
  • Trainee Doctor pay cut £2,300 in real terms say NHS
  • NHS Trusts in £2bn deficit, say DoH Accounts
  • £20m donations from private health interests to Tories

The NHS is vital to our way of life. We as a country believe in the importance of healthcare, and respect the foundation it was built upon, the importance of care to all regardless of wealth. The continuing Tory privatisation of our services completely contradicts these British values.

To see the real-life effect on NHS staff, all you have to do is search the #PublicDuty hashtag on Twitter to read fears from NHS staff members of what a 2017 Conservative government would mean for them, and for the country. Labour have promised to raise the wages of NHS staff, so that we can fix the problems caused by the Conservatives, and move forward to rebuild our beloved NHS on values for all, not just for some.