Tory Mp's are ignoring Brexit Committee



Tory MP’s are refusing to accept findings by the cross-party select committee on #Brexit. Pro-Brexit Tories are blinded by their goal of proving that know what they are doing when it comes to deal negotiations. The main finding of the committee was that #TheresaMay’s claim that no deal was better than a bad deal, was not supported by any evidence. 

The committee has called for a clearer plan regarding the status of EU nationals within the UK, to  develop a “passporting”-style agreement to allow cross-border financial services following Brexit, and stressed the importance of parliament having a say in agreeing to the deal.

They have urged for the Government to establish a more effective process for engaging with them and formally respond to the option that papers have produced. 

David Davis has said that a responsible government is one that must prepare for all outcomes. I would argue that the ignorance shown in making these claims about a no-deal, and furthermore denying the findings of the committee show little responsibility from the #Tories. There is no coming back from this deal, and I implore the government to take Brexit more seriously to ensure that the UK does not suffer from their ignorance.