Tours and Events

Listening Tour

The project is a 7 week listening tour of the UK carried out by myself, Vernon Coaker. I will be touring England, Scotland and Wales with an initial 12 visits covering a number of constituencies. The overarching aim of the tour is to reconnect with voters following Brexit, in particular our past supporters. Labour needs an intellectual renewal amidst rapidly changing voter perceptions on globalisation, immigration, the EU and the economy.

I was impelled to carry out this tour after leading the Labour effort in the Sleaford and North Hykeham by-election. It became apparent to me that issues which used to resonate with our core voters such as the NHS were not cutting through and that we were being seen as an increasingly irrelevant party. Our poor results in Witney and Richmond also told a similar story. This tour seeks to listen to those that feel Labour no longer represents them, to those that are on the verge of giving up on the party and those who already have. I will be holding street stalls, with the help of local Labour party offices, and open meetings where voters can have frank discussions with me about the issues that most concern them. I will be collating response cards to record issues that voters feel the most strongly about, issues that most concern them about the future, as well as how well they understand Labour’s approach to these issues. From these responses and open meetings I will be collating a report which will be presented to the leadership team and dispersed through the Labour party.

Visiting Parliament 

Vernon can arrange to obtain permits for trips to the Houses of Parliament for individuals, organisation or groups. He also arranges organised trips for constituents from the office.

If you are interested in visiting Parliament please ring Vernon’s constituency office on 0115 920 4224 for further details.