Update on Dorket Head

Here is the Press Statement which has been released by the Environment Agency following a meeting to discuss Dorket Head Landfill.


Press Statement – Dorket Head

On Monday 14 January 2013 we met with representatives from FCC Environment, MP Vernon Coaker, Cllr John Clarke, Gedling Borough Council Chief Executive Mr John Robinson and representatives of Nottinghamshire County Council planning department and Gedling Borough Council Environmental Health Department, to discuss the ongoing odour issue in Arnold from Dorket Head Landfill.

We reviewed the progress of the current engineering works at Dorket Head.  The installation of the four gas wells were completed end of November 2012 and the temporary plastic cap (roughly the size of a football pitch) will be complete by 18 January 2013.    These additional measures are required by us to address the impact that the landfill activities are having on the local community.

Once this work is completed we will undertake a comprehensive odour assessment (duration is weather dependant) in the local area to assess whether these measures have reduced odour to a level that we deem is acceptable.  If we determine that unacceptable odour is still being emitted from the site we will then be able to consider restricting activities at the site.  We have formally notified the operator of this position in writing on the 24 December 2012.

We continue to respond to complaints of odour and have detected landfill gas and we maintain our position that this is causing unacceptable odour.  However, the detected levels of landfill gas measured in the period November to January remain very low and do not pose an immediate risk to human health.


Nottinghamshire County Council said 'Nottinghamshire County Council have regulatory powers through their planning powers regarding the development of waste facilities including Dorket Head Landfill.  In exercise of these powers the Council has provided clear and unequivocal advice that a proposed expansion of landfill operations at Dorket Head providing a further ten years additional tipping capacity would be extremely unlikely to be favourably considered by the County Council due to the ongoing odour emissions of the existing operations.  The Council's clear position has contributed to the landfill operators decision to withdraw their plans for an expansion of the landfill operations, thus ensuring that no additional landfill capacity is created at Dorket Head.'  

The group will meet again in late February to assess the situation.

Once we have completed our comprehensive odour assessment we intend to organise a local drop in event for the local community to tell us about the impact it is having and an opportunity for the local community to understand our role as the regulator.


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