Vernon charts the new frontier of digital campaigning

Vernon Coaker, MP for Gedling and Shadow Secretary of State for Defence, today has announced that he’ll be at the forefront of campaigning for 2015 by using QR codes on all his leaflets between now and the General Election.

QR codes – which can be read by smartphones and tablets – can contain various types of information including web site addresses.

Vernon said “ I was out talking with people in Gedling with my team a few weeks ago and we started to discuss better ways to communicate with people. We wanted to combine the traditional political printed survey or leaflet with new technology and we came up with the idea of using QR codes to link to video messages from me. I think it’s more interactive than traditional campaigning methods and going forwards it could be a great campaign.”

For now –leaflets and surveys will link to a short video message from Vernon, but going forwards the campaign team will be looking at new ways to use QR codes including linking to online surveys, opinion polls and local questionnaires.

Ken Livingston’s  2012 campaign for London Mayor pioneered the use of QR codes, but Vernon is the first Labour MP to embrace QR codes on printed literature.