Vernon's position on the Welfare Bill


The Bill contains a number of measures, some of which Labour supports (such as plans to create 3 million apprenticeships, and to reduce rents for those living in social housing).  But it also includes a number we firmly oppose (including the abolition of child poverty targets which the Labour government put in place, and which require the government to reduce relative and absolute poverty, and cuts to support for sick and disabled people who are not fit for work, such as those with cancer or Parkinson’s Disease).   That is why Labour tabled and voted for a reasoned amendment to the Bill on Monday night, which set out our objections in detail, and clearly stated Labour’s refusal to support the Bill.  We did not vote in favour of the Bill.

The Bill set out some of the £12 billion of cuts announced by George Osborne in the Emergency Budget on 8 July. Other cuts, such as the cuts to tax credits for 3 million low and middle income families, are not included in this Bill.  They will be dealt with in a separate, so-called secondary legislation.  Labour will also oppose these measures when they come before parliament.

You may be interested to read a transcript of the debate. This can be read at:

The debate can also be watched on Parliament TV here.

I am determined to do all I can to protect families from the harsh effects of the Tories’ cuts.