We know beyond doubt that leaving the UK would cost defence jobs

Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary Vernon Coaker MP and Scottish Labour Deputy Leader Anas Sarwar MP today travelled to Rosyth shipyard to meet staff working on the UK’s aircraft carriers, and hear their concerns about the uncertain future for those jobs if Scotland leaves the UK.

Alongside shipbuilding jobs on the Clyde, there are thousands of Scottish defence jobs across the country in industry as well as employment from bases at Kinloss, Lossiemouth, and from Faslane to South Uist.

There were an estimated £300m of sub-contracts awarded to Scottish based companies from the carrier contract alone.

Vernon Coaker MP said:

"The jobs of thousands of Scots in our defence industry are secured by being part of the UK. They play a critical role in supporting our Armed Forces and helping to keep us all safe and secure.

"One thing we know beyond doubt is that leaving the UK would cost defence jobs.

"The UK Government has never awarded a contract for complex warships outside of the UK. The idea that somehow everything would carry on as it is just because Alex Salmond says so simply isn’t credible."

Anas Sarwar MP, Scottish Labour’s deputy leader added:  

“We know the SNP will say and do anything to win the vote, setting aside the reality of life in an independent Scotland. The truth is that being part of the UK is good for Scottish jobs but a Yes vote puts those jobs at risk.”